A note from our Chairman


Dear shareholder,

The Board is committed to high standards of corporate governance. Your Company is compliant with section 1 of the 2008 Combined Code on Corporate Governance. We aim to lead our industry in the areas of Corporate Responsibility, environmental management, health and safety, customer service, and employee communication and development. Pursuit of this aim is helping to set Land Securities apart as an attractive employer, a valued partner, and a strong business with a sustainable future.

While it is important that we continue to enhance our formal structures, processes and procedures, good governance is ultimately about people – about the way everyone within this Company thinks and acts. For this reason, we place strong emphasis on behaviour, at all levels. The Board takes seriously its responsibility to demonstrate leadership so that good practice flows through the Company and informs the decisions and actions taken by employees each day. Ultimately, we aim to build a sustainable business for the long term, creating value for shareholders as a reward for taking risks.

In this section of the Annual Report, we define the high standards of corporate governance set out by the Board and review relevant actions and events from the year. We have included separate overviews from the Chairmen of the Audit and Remuneration Committees, together with my overview of the activities of the Nominations Committee. We commissioned a thorough, independent Board and Committee evaluation this year and you can read a summary of the outcome of this work in How we govern the Company.

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