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Full report   
Land Securities Annual Report 2010Land Securities Annual Report 2010 PDF (9327 KB)  9327Kb 
Report of the Directors   
Quick readQuick read PDF (348 KB)  348Kb 
Chief Executive's statementChief Executive's statement PDF (163 KB)  163Kb 
Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors PDF (512 KB)  512Kb 
Performance overviewPerformance overview PDF (475 KB)  475Kb 
Financial reviewFinancial review PDF (306 KB)  306Kb 
Corporate governanceCorporate governance PDF (224 KB)  224Kb 
Key performance indicatorsKey performance indicators PDF (55 KB)  55Kb 
Our risks how we manage themOur risks how we manage them PDF (63 KB)  63Kb 
Directors remuneration reportDirectors remuneration report PDF (703 KB)  703Kb 
Our Chairman's messageOur Chairman's message PDF (120 KB)  120Kb 
Corporate ResponsibilityCorporate Responsibility PDF (384 KB)  384Kb 
Additional disclosuresAdditional disclosures PDF (67 KB)  67Kb 
Business review   
Business reviewBusiness review PDF (1635 KB)  1635Kb 
Group business reviewGroup business review PDF (132 KB)  132Kb 
Retail PortfolioRetail Portfolio PDF (837 KB)  837Kb 
London PortfolioLondon Portfolio PDF (491 KB)  491Kb 
Financial statements   
Statement of Directors' responsibilitiesStatement of Directors' responsibilities PDF (60 KB)  60Kb 
Independent auditors' reportIndependent auditors' report PDF (64 KB)  64Kb 
Income statementIncome statement PDF (59 KB)  59Kb 
Income statement spreadsheet Income statement spreadsheet XLS (23 KB) 23Kb 
Notes to the income statementNotes to the income statement PDF (599 KB)  599Kb 
Statement of comprehensive incomeStatement of comprehensive income PDF (59 KB)  59Kb 
Statement of comprehensive income spreadsheet Statement of comprehensive income spreadsheet XLS (18 KB) 18Kb 
Balance sheetsBalance sheets PDF (64 KB)  64Kb 
Balance sheets spreadsheet Balance sheets spreadsheet XLS (22 KB) 22Kb 
Notes to the balance sheetsNotes to the balance sheets PDF (667 KB)  667Kb 
Statement of changes in equityStatement of changes in equity PDF (59 KB)  59Kb 
Statement of changes in equity spreadsheet Statement of changes in equity spreadsheet XLS (25 KB) 25Kb 
Statement of cash flowsStatement of cash flows PDF (64 KB)  64Kb 
Statement of cash flows spreadsheet Statement of cash flows spreadsheet XLS (23 KB) 23Kb 
Notes to the statement of cashflowsNotes to the statement of cashflows PDF (528 KB)  528Kb 
Notes to the financial statementsNotes to the financial statements PDF (510 KB)  510Kb 
Investor resource   
Business analysisBusiness analysis PDF (199 KB)  199Kb 
Investor analysisInvestor analysis PDF (302 KB)  302Kb 
Five year summaryFive year summary PDF (58 KB)  58Kb 
How do we value property assetsHow do we value property assets PDF (326 KB)  326Kb 
Investor informationInvestor information PDF (116 KB)  116Kb 
Additional informationAdditional information PDF (197 KB)  197Kb 
GlossaryGlossary PDF (63 KB)  63Kb 
IndexIndex PDF (58 KB)  58Kb 
Contact detailsContact details PDF (184 KB)  184Kb 

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