Land Securities Group

Our strategy is simple: we are focused on the two largest segments of the UK commercial property market – retail and London offices – which gives us a broad range of opportunities. In these market segments, we have strong relationships with occupiers and an exceptional set of skills. We allocate capital to exploit our skills and appropriate risk-return opportunities through the cycle.

In property investment, we add value through active management of assets and the timing of acquisitions and disposals. In development, we create the right product at the right point in the cycle while keeping a tight focus on cost and timing.

The Group’s Board of Directors directs strategy. It also monitors the balance sheet and financial performance to ensure capital is allocated appropriately – both across the two businesses and between investment and development activity. Each business benefits from the Group’s ability to provide operating efficiencies, debt and other shared resources.

Combined portfolio value

  • £9.54bn

“Our clear priorities and effective actions mean we are well placed for growth and able to respond quickly to opportunities.”

  • Francis Salway
  • Chief Executive

Retail Portfolio

We develop and manage shopping centres and retail warehouses throughout the UK, working to spot, unlock and maximise the potential of assets. Our aim is to provide new and better ways for tenants to connect with customers so they can increase footfall, grow sales, control costs and offer a great leisure experience.

Our scale and expertise enables us to form strong relationships with a wide range of retailers.

We use our skills, knowledge and resources to increase returns from assets and move them up the retail hierarchy.

“We work to spot, unlock and maximise the potential of assets.”

Richard Akers, Managing Director, Retail Portfolio

Retail Portfolio by capital value

  • £4.27bn
Retail Portfolio by capital value Shopping centres and shops = 57.7% Retail warehouses and food = 27.0% Other = 15.3%

London Portfolio

We develop and manage prime London assets, creating a balanced portfolio that blends strong investment assets with medium- and long-term development opportunities. To meet demand and mitigate risk, we put emphasis on mixed-use schemes providing office, retail and residential accommodation. Using our knowledge, understanding and scale, we develop and invest to create high quality space for world-class businesses and brands.

We operate in a cyclical market and take early, decisive action on the timing and scope of key development and investment decisions.

“We take early, decisive action on the timing and scope of key development and investment decisions.”

Robert Noel, Managing Director, London Portfolio

London Portfolio by capital value

  • £5.27bn
London Portfolio by capital value West End offices = 35.7% Central London shops = 17.8% Midtown offices = 15.1% City offices = 14.9% Inner London offices = 12.7% Other = 3.8%

Who we are

Land Securities is a FTSE 100 company and the largest Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in the UK on the basis of equity market capitalisation. We were founded by Harold Samuel in 1944 when he acquired Land Securities Investment Trust Limited, which at the time owned three houses in Kensington, London, together with some government stock. By 1969 Land Securities had established itself as the country’s leading property business. In 2007 we converted to REIT status. We now own and manage more than 2.7 million m2 of commercial property, from London offices to major shopping centres and out-of-town retail parks. In January 2009 we sold our Trillium property outsourcing business and now focus our activities on the London and Retail businesses.

1944 Company founded
1969 Established as leader in our industry
2010 Largest REIT in the UK

To view the full history of Land Securities, visit our corporate website

Vision and values

Our vision, ‘shaping the future of property’, highlights our ambition to set the standards for tomorrow in our industry. This informs everything we do, from designing a new building to collecting rents, from managing our carbon footprint to setting the service charge, from looking at new business opportunities to signing new leases.

Our values embody the way in which we work together to fulfil that objective. By transforming our values into action, we strengthen our ability to deliver high levels of customer service and business performance over the long term. Everyone who works for and with us is expected to uphold our values.

  • Customer service
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation

Our management

Francis Salway

Francis Salway
Chief Executive

Richard Akers

Richard Akers
Managing Director, Retail Portfolio

Martin Greenslade

Martin Greenslade
Finance Director

Robert Noel

Robert Noel
Managing Director, London Portfolio

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